A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Pick a cause and foot the ball to glorious victory.

Are you feeling nationalistic, and want to fight for land, or do you want to fight for love? The choice is yours, pick anything. Literally.
(If you have an internet connection, and your choice exists. If not, the choice isn't yours)

Requires two Xbox360 gamepads (Or similar, mapped to the same inputs).

For the best experience - make sure you play with a friend!

Created by @Freya Holmér & Marko Permanto,
during the 2014 "Fuck this Jam" game jam

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsuch sports
TagsFootball, madness, Multiplayer, Versus

Install instructions

Before starting the game, make sure you game two gamepads connected as player 1 and 2.

We've only tried this with Xbox360 gamepads on OSX and Windows, but you may be able to use other controllers, as long as they map to the same inputs.


Foot-To-Ball N+1 for Mac OSX 17 MB
Foot-To-Ball N+1 for Windows 43 MB